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Petes Tree Farm was started in 1942. The business was started during the depression. The depression was a very hard time for people. Chuck's father was the one who started the buisness. The business has been around since then. Petes Tree Farm has improved and progressed by far. We have two farms were you can get your tree this year. You can cut your tree in Holley or choose your tree on Paul Rd. Petes Tree Farm sells nearly 3000 trees every year. Nearly 30 million christmas trees are sold every year in America. YNN said, "But not every tree will be trimmed with tradition."

Register to Petes Tree Farm. There are many benefits to registering. One benefit is that you will recieve email updates of anything happening at Petes Tree Farm if wanted. May recieve special offers. And much more. So go ahead and go register.

The price ranges in Chili $55-$85 with trees from 3ft-12ft,And Charlie Brown trees in Chili ranging up to $19, In Holley you pay $32.40 ($34.99 with tax). These trees are trimmed with tradition. You can choose from thousands of trees in Holley. Which seperates us from other places. We sell many kinds of trees. We sell Douglas Fir, Con-Color, Fraser Fir, Blue Spruce, White Spruce, and White Pine between the two locations. The two farms are mostly family operated. In Chili we sell lights, stands, wreaths, homeade rope, ornaments, preservatives, and much more. The Chili farm opens November 26th.Holley Farm opens November 25th. Chili hours are 10am-9pm M-F and 9am-9pm Saturday and 9am-6pm Sunday. Holley is open weekends 9am-dusk. In Holley hand saws provided. No need for your own handsaw or chainsaw anymore!

One customer Kathy Carcaci has been getting her tree from Petes Tree Farm since she was a kid. She is now married. We thank all our customers that continue to show there support for Petes Tree Farm by continuing to get there tree at Petes Tree Farm.

Sweat Deans Chocolate and Desert shop behind Petes Tree Farm. Sweat Deans is open on weekends. Inside Sweat Deans there is a wide variety of items to buy. Mostly all they sell is hand made. There are a assortment of cookies avalible. You can get 3 cookies for $1. They also have a variety of fudge avalible. Fudge cost $2.50. They also sell Valentine style chocolate. Free Cocoa coffee inside. Yum!!

Potted Trees in Chili ranging ftom $5-$55

Holley Farm is located between RT31 & RT 31A; West of Clarendon

Chili Farm is located on the corner of Paul Rd. & Archer in Chili - Pre-cut Indoor And Outdoor

Chili - 585-889-2740


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*Open on November 25th*

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